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What's Happening?

Don't Miss The Coming Events:

Below is a list of upcoming events and retreats, with information about how you can find out more. 

2022 Local Events

timpanogos park sign.jpg
September 24 - Day of Mindfulness Activity
Awakening the Heart of Compassion

Time: 9 am - 3 pm

Location: Mt. Timpanogos Park (#6 Canyon Vista Pavilion)

You are welcome to join us for a day of mindfulness, where we will practice sitting, walking, eating, and deep relaxation meditation as a sangha.


Please save the date.

Monastic-Hosted Events

Live event streaming with the monastics at the Plum Village Practice Center in France. Participate in morning and evening sitting meditation, and other practices.  Click the button for details on the next live event or previously recorded one.

Meditating Hand Gesture
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