What's Happening?

Don't Miss The Coming Events:

Below is a list of upcoming events and retreats, with information about how you can find out more. 

Morning Meditation

Join us each weekday in the Virtual Dharma Hall for early morning meditation. During this time we will practice Noble silence. Please arrive early and settle in with your microphone muted.

Date & Time:

M–F @ 7:00 am–7:30 am (MDT)

The hall will remain open for those who wish to sit longer as a group.


We will listen to the morning chant followed by either,

  1. guided meditation or,

  2. silent meditation


Zoom: Virtual Dharma Hall

Monastic-Hosted Events

Live event streaming with the monastics at the Plum Village Practice Center in France. Participate in morning and evening sitting meditation, and other practices.  Click the button for details on the next live event or previously recorded one.